Product Application
Noise Dose Meter
TES-1355 Noise Dose Meter
‧Pocket Size/light weight.
‧Accurate & very easy to use.
‧Measures % Noise Dose/ Exposure Time / Sound Level.
‧Security lock (Power off).
‧Peak 140dBA & 115dBA RMS Flags.
‧Stores data up to 5 Separate events. (1355)
‧Real-time clock calendar/RS-232 interface.
‧Occupation health application.
US$ 665
US$ — — —
Humidity Temperature Meter
TES-1365 Humidity Temperature Meter
‧Detachable sensing probe.
‧Dual LCD display with Bargraph indication.
‧Dew Point Reading.
‧Wet bulb Reading.
‧MAX/MIN with Time Stamp.
‧Data Hold & Relative function.
‧Datalogging capacity 15,000 dual reading. (%RH & Temp). (TES-1365)
‧USB interface & windows software. (TES-1365)
‧Automatic Timer Recording for Datalogger. (TES-1365)
US$ 239
US$ — — —
‧CO2: 0 ~ 6,000 ppm range, Diffusion sampling mode
‧Three LCD Display for CO2 , %RH Humidity and Air Temperature
‧Maintenance free dual wavelength NDIR infrared CO2 sensor (non-dispersive infrared)
‧Continuous or manual data logging (16,000 sets)
‧Data hold & Maximum / Minimum with Time stamp
‧Data Memory and READ function
‧Alarm and Time setting
‧USB function / Software
‧Backlight display function
‧Use rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack
‧Simple and safe to use

US$ 500
US$ — — —
Heat Stress Monitor
TES-1369B Heat Stress Monitor
‧Datalogging area thermal environment monitor.
‧Quick WBGT measurement for assessing
environmental heat stress.
‧Air velocity measurement.
‧Maximum / Minimum recording reading.
‧Auto datalogging.
‧Manual Data Memory Capacity.
‧Data hold function.
‧Auto power off.
US$ 1870
US$ — — —

Laborers' Safety and Health

As an employer, it is your responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

INSTALIGO provides professional instruments ; they can help you measure noise, humidity, temperature,electric properties, and so on to improve your work environment.