Luminance Meter

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  • Dual Display, 4-digit LCD reading.
  • Spectral Sensitivity close to CIE photopic Curve.
  • Measuring Levels Ranging 0.001 to 1999k cd/m2, 0.001 to 580.0k fL, Autoranging 7 step.
  • Accurate and Instant response.
  • Luminance ratio A/B, deviation %A,different B-A and peak luminance measurements.
  • User calibration factor and color-correction functions.
  • Accumulation luminance measurement.
  • Max/Min/AVG function.
  • Backlit function.
  • Comparator function.
  • Data Hold function.
  • Data memory and read function.
  • Data logger function.
  • USB Interface.
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    Luminance Meter
    Luminance Meter
    Luminance Meter
    Luminance Meter
    Luminance Meter
    Luminance Meter
    Luminance Meter
    Luminance Meter
    Luminance Meter
    Luminance Meter
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    Dual display 4 digit LCD read out.

    Measuring Range

    9.999, 99.99, 999.9, 9.999k, 99.99k, 999.9k, 1999k cd/m2
    9.999, 99.99, 999.9, 9.999k, 99.99k, 580.0k fL
    Auto ranging (7 step)     (1 fL = 3.426 cd/m2)

    Measuring Angle


    Overrange Display

    OL is displayed


    0.001 cd/m2, 0.001 fL


    ±3% rdg ±5dgt (Calibrated to standard
     incandescent lamp, 2856
    Κ, at 25/77)

    CIE Photopic f ’1


    Temperature Characteristics


    Measuring Rate

    Approximately 5 time/sec


    Silicon photodiodes

    Data Memory Capacity

    200 sets. (Direct reading from LCD display)

    Data Logger Capacity

    microSD CARD 4GB

    Operating / Storage Conditions

    0 to 50 <80% RH
    to 60 <70%RH

    Power Source

    6 pcs 1.5V AAA size Battery

    Battery Life (typical)

    50 hours

    Photosensor Lead Length

    90 cm (approx.)

    Photosensor Dimensions



    150(L) × 72(W) × 35(H)mm


    Meter: 235g,  Photosensor: 210g


    Carrying case, Instruction manual, Battery,
     CD software, Micro-USB cable.



    q Luminance measurement of LCDs, CRTs, LEDs, etc.


    q Luminance measurement of street lighting, tunnel lighting, etc.


    q Measurement of airport lighting facilities.


    q Transmittance measurement for LCD polarizing plates and various filters.


    q Measurement of medical lighting.


    q Illuminance irregularities of automobile license plates.

    q Luminance measurement of various lighting facilities, etc.

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