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1.    Preamble and Basic Acknowledgements 1. For the purpose of these Membership Service Terms, the term “member” means any person who completes the membership registration and passes the verification in accordance with the registration procedure provided on this shopping Website.
2. Using the services on the website operated by this Company (hereinafter referred to as this “Website”) means you consent to and comply with the provisions of this Website’s service terms and the stipulations of relevant laws. This Website shall have the right to notify you through electronic document of any revision of or change to the contents of these terms at anytime. Your continuing to use this service after the foregoing revision or change means you have read, understood and agreed to accept such revision or change.
3. If you are a minor under the age of twenty (20), you may register yourself as a member, use or continue to use this Website’s membership service only after your legal representative has read, understood and agreed to all contents of these Terms or any subsequent revision or change thereto. If you use or continue to use this service, it means your guardian’s having read, understood and agreed to accept all contents of these terms or any subsequent revision or change thereto.
4. This Website reserves the right to examine and verify the qualifications of any applicant for membership. For any existing member, this Website reserves the right to cancel their membership.
5. Any revision of these Membership Service Terms applies to all members. This Website is entitled to vary and revise any of these Terms at any time, and any such variation or revision by this Website will be announced on this Website.


2.    Privacy Protection Each member shall respect this Website’s “Privacy Policy” and protect your privacy in accordance with such policy (please refer to “INSTALIGO Shopping Website Privacy Policy”).


3.    Member Account Number and Password 1. After completing this Website’s member registration procedure, the member will be given a specific account number and password. The member shall enter such account number and password for future use of all membership services provided by this Website.
2. The member shall take the responsibility for use and management of his/her account number and password. Maintaining the confidentiality and security of the member account number and password is the responsibility of the relevant member. If any entry of member account number and password in line with the method required by this Website is consistent with registration data, such entry shall be deemed use of such account number and password by the member him/herself, regardless of whether or not he/she has made such entry personally and the relevant member shall take full liability for any act performed using such password and account number.
3. If the member account and password is lost or found to have been used by any third party for no good reason, the member concerned shall immediately notify this Website for loss reporting and this Website will suspend the use of such member account and password. If the failure of the member to notify this Website timely of such matter results in the failure of this Website to conduct effective prevention and modification, any and all losses thus incurred shall be borne by the relevant member. Unless the member proves that the foregoing event is attributable to this Website, it shall not be held liable for any loss.
4. After using this Website’s service, the member shall properly log out and close the window to guarantee your membership rights and interests.
5. If you use the account number and password of any other member without permission and cause member or the Company to be investigated or prosecuted, the affected member and the Company shall have the right to require you to compensate for damages, including but not limited to legal costs, attorney fees and loss of goodwill.

4.    Member Log-in Data 1. For the member registration information, you shall provide your own accurate and latest information as required by this Website.
2. Member log-in data shall contain no forged or false data (e.g., personal data and credit card data); in case of any violation of this provision, this Website will deny the relevant member the right to apply for the membership of this Website, or suspend or terminate the membership. If relevant legal stipulations of the Republic of China are violated, this Website will investigate the violator’s liabilities according to law.
3. In case of any change to the member's general information (e.g., address, telephone number and other log-in data), the member shall update relevant personal data from time to time to ensure correctness and completeness of such data. If any data provided by you is erroneous or inconsistent, this Website shall have the right to suspend or terminate your account and deny you access to all services on this Website.
4. Without the member’s consent, this Website shall not disclose any data involving personal privacy to any third party, except for those data covered by the data sharing principle provided in the personal data protection laws (please refer to relevant provisions of this Website’s “Privacy Policy”).


5.    Use of Membership Service 1. Each member shall undertake not to use this Website’s services in any illegal manner and shall observe relevant laws and decrees of the Republic of China and all international norms concerning Internet use. If any member uses this Website outside the Republic of China, they shall agree to respect the laws of the relevant country or region and commit no act that may infringe upon others’ rights and interests.
2. During use of this Website’s membership service, you shall comply with the following prohibitions:
a) Generation of any content that impairs the character of any other person, intellectual property rights (e.g., trademark right, copyright) or other rights of any other person;
b) Use of any words contrary to public order or good custom or other illegal words;
c) Provocative remarks with extreme political, religious views;
d) Without the Company’s consent, no member may take advantage of this service or other resources provided on this Website, including but not limited to databases of images & texts and webpage making software, to engage in any business transaction or solicit advertisers or sponsors;
e) Use of the website’s service in the name of any other person;

f) Transmission or dissemination of computer viruses;

g) Use of or access to any service on this Website (including but not limited to membership contents, website contents, software and member account numbers) for any commercial purpose; and

h) Other contents that violates this Website’s “Membership Service Terms”.

3. If you have no legal right to grant others authorization to use, modify, release, disseminate, replicate or publicly display certain data and transfer the foregoing authorization to any third party, you should not upload, input or provide such data to this Website. Any data uploaded, inputted or provided by you to this Website shall remain with you or the authorizer; however, your upload, input or provision of any data to this Website means your consent to grant this Website the authorization to use, modify, release, disseminate, replicate or publicly display such data for the purpose of public interest or of advertising or promoting this Website’s services, and to transfer the foregoing authorization to others within this scope. You also undertake that this Website’s use, modification, release, dissemination, replication, public display or sub-license of such data will not infringe upon relevant rights of any third party; otherwise, you shall be held liable for any loss thus suffered by this Website.

4. You shall solely undertake the responsibilities of using the product purchased by you from this Website, as well as all legal responsibilities arising from any of your acts on the product.

5. If you discover any flaw of any product purchased from this Website, you shall keep this Website informed within 10 days of receiving such product, in accordance with our return policies.

6. In the event of violation of disclaimers due to any event attributable to the member, or any loss, claim, legal liability, damage, demand, expense and expenditure (including but not limited to attorney fees) incurred or brought to us or any of our affiliates due to use of the product of this website, the said member shall undertake all legal liabilities.

6.    Proprietary Rights of this Website 1. All software or contents contained in or linked to this Website’s services or all contents provided by the Company’s advertisers or partners shall be protected by relevant copyright or other proprietary rights or laws.
2. With respect to all billboard and event messages available on all web pages of this Website, the proprietary right and management right shall belong to the Company and no member shall use any such message without the Company’s prior consent.
3. All members agree and grant this Website the authorization to provide the required membership data to its business partners (third parties) to use such data within the agreed scope for the purpose of providing individualized services or relevant value-added services. If any member does not agree to the inclusion of his/her data in the product or service list of the relevant business partner (third party), he/she shall proactively notify this Website to delete his/her data from such list, and meanwhile waive his/her right to receive shopping discounts or prizes outside this Website.
4. All members agree that this Website or its strategic partners may record, keep or use the data and records stored or generated by members on this Website for the purposes of marketing, market analysis, statistics or research, or providing members with individualized services or value-added services, as well as publicizing or using statistical data without disclosing of all foregoing data.
5. For personal data provided by members, all members agree that this Website may collect, process, store, transmit and use such data within a reasonable scope for the purposes of providing users with other information or services, forming members’ statistical data, or conducting surveys or marketing researches on network behavior.


7.    Termination of Authorization If the member's use of this Website’s service violates any law/decree or these Service Terms or threatens the rights and interests of this Website or any third party, this Website shall have the right to immediately suspend or permanently terminate the authorization granted to you for use of this Website’s services without prior notice to you.


8.    Exceptions 1. In any of the following circumstances, this Website shall have the right to stop or suspend the provision of its services:
a) replacement, upgrade, maintenance or construction of hardware & software equipment relating to this service;
b) sudden failure of electronic communication devices; or
c) acts of God or other force majeure events that prevent this Website from providing its service.
2. This Website shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect or consequential pecuniary or non-pecuniary damages incurred during members’ use of this service or those arising from such use.
3. All members shall make a copy of texts, images and other data in messages uploaded by him/her; the Company shall not be held liable for any loss of or damage to such contents or any part thereof.
4. With respect to the purpose or consequence of use of this Website’s services, this Website provides such services on the as-is basis. This Website does not make any explicit or implicit warranty for the effectiveness, speed, completeness, reliability, safety and correctness of such services, and it does not guarantee that all software related to this Website’s services is made available or necessary repair will be performed.
5. All the members' remarks, opinions or acts on this Website are made, expressed or done on the members' own behalf; such remarks, opinions or acts do not reflect the stance of this Website and are not the responsibility of this Website. This Website does not guarantee the correctness of the identity asserted by any members.
6. This Website shall not be held liable to you or any other person for any intimation, libel, obscenity or any other unlawful act incurred during this Website’s services or those that involved through this Website’s services.
7. For any goods or services purchased or acquired by you through this Website’s services or published, sold or delivered by any sponsor or advertiser of this Website, you shall bear possible risks on your own or negotiate with the provider of the relevant goods or services for compensation. Those issues shall be completely irrelevant to this Website, and this Website shall not be held liable for any such issues.

8. This Website does not warrant that the emails transmitted by the web pages, server or domain of this service or any content thereof will not contain any harmful substance, including computer viruses; nor does it guarantee that the transmission and storage of emails, archives or data will be correct and not be interrupted or erroneous. This Website will not be held liable for damages arising from failed transmission or storage, loss of or errors in such emails, archives or data.

9. This website never guarantees that the product (including the content) contains no factual flaws (including safety, reliability, correctness, integrity, validity, applicability to specific purpose, safety related defect, error or program error, right violation, etc.).

10. We will not be liable for any damage (including property loss, personal injury, death or legal fees) incurred by the product of this Website due to any reason not attributable to us. However, if the service-related contract between the member and this Website (including this Clause) is subject to Consumer Protection Law, this disclaimer shall not apply.

11. This Website will neither be liable for nor accept claim for any damage of the product purchased from this Website due to any reason attributable to the member, whether such claim is against infringement act based on the contract or the other. This Website will provide no warranty or repair service for damage out of life cycle of product, improper use or misuse of product, static electricity, negligence of user, accident, re-welding, or modification of product by replacing or assembling parts without permission.

12. Each commodity or any service, if provided with warranty, shall be subject to warranty of individual commodity or service. If such commodity or service is provided by third party, you agree that the warranty terms provided by such manufacturer and/or service provider shall apply.

13. You shall use the commodity or service in accordance with the specification or user manual of the product purchased from this Website. We (including all staff, agents, associated enterprises, partners and suppliers of us) will not be liable for any damage or loss arising from incorrect installation, improper use or other violation of product specification and user manual of the commodity or service.

14. The member shall bear all risks arising from using this Website. We (including all staff, agents, affiliated enterprises, partners and suppliers of us) will, in any case, not be liable for any damage which may probably arise from use or unavailability of this Website, especially derivative, subordinate, special, punitive direct, indirect damages or other losses (including but not limited to loss of income, operating, business reputation, anticipated savings or use, loss or destruction of data, confidential information or other information, business interruption, personal injury, property damage, loss of privacy right, failure to fulfill duty of good faith or due care, fault, and any other monetary or other loss caused by using terms of usage or service of this Website or related loss). Whether this Website is informed of the possibility of above damages or not, if this Website is liable for compensating the member as stipulated in warranty against defects in civil law or consumer protection law, all liabilities of this Website (including all staff, agents, affiliated enterprises, partners and suppliers of us) shall, in any case, be subject to restoring the real damage of the member arising from using the service of this Website due to reasonable trust and shall be limited to monetary compensation only. For paid service or product, our liability for compensation will be no more than the amount of product purchased from this Website. For service or product free of charge, the member shall bear all liabilities independently.

15. The disclaimers herein will not become invalid as the member has other oral or written agreement with this Website.


9.    Right of Modification 1. Your use of this Website’s services means you have fully read, understood and agreed to accept the contents of these terms. This Website shall have the right to modify and change any content of these terms at any time without separate sending notices to individual members, so you are advised to check these Service Terms on a regular basis. If you continue to use this Website’s services after modification and change of these Terms, this shall be deemed your having read, understood and agreed to accept such modification or change.
2. This Website shall have the right to modify or terminate the provision of its services to you temporarily or permanently, and you may not request any compensation on this ground.


10. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights 1. With respect to all software and programs used by this Website and all contents available on this Website, including but not limited to works, images, archives, information, data, website architecture and web design, this Website or other right holders shall possess intellectual property rights on or in the foregoing items, including but not limited to trademark right, patent right, copyright, business secrets and proprietary technologies.
2. No one may use, modify, replicate, broadcast, remake, disseminate, release, publish, or conduct reverse engineering, decompilation or disassembly on the foregoing software, programs or website contents. If you intend to cite or quote the content of any such software, program or website, you must obtain prior written consent of this Website or other right holders according to law. In case of any violation, you shall be held liable to this Website or other right holders for damages thus incurred (including but not limited to legal costs and attorney fees). If any member is involved in any act of tort, this Website may suspend all or some of membership services, or simply cancel the relevant member account.


11. Miscellaneous Provisions 1. This Website’s user agreement and exceptions shall constitute an integral part of these Service Terms.
2. If this Website is investigated or prosecuted by any third party or administrative organ due to your use of this Website, this Website shall have the right to lodge a claim against you for damages including but not limited to legal costs, attorney fees and loss of goodwill.
3. With respect to any predictable hardware and software maintenance that may possibly lead to system interruption or suspension, this Website will, prior to the occurrence of such situation, notify its members of such matter in an appropriate manner.

4. Where any member has to complete the delivery or return of goods through courier service or business partner as a result of network transaction or activity provided on this Website, the member agrees and authorizes this Website to provide personal data provided by the member (such as the recipient’s name, delivery address or contact number) to the relevant courier service or business partner depending on the requirement of the relevant network transaction for the purpose of fulfilling such delivery or return.

5. If this Website provides links to other third-party websites, all third-party websites shall be the responsibility of relevant websites and not fall within the scope of this Website. This Website does not guarantee the effectiveness, correctness, appropriateness and completeness of the foregoing websites. You agree that this Website will not be held liable for any damages incurred by your connection to any of the foregoing websites outside the scope of this Website’s services.

6. The contents of all advertisements and all textual and graphic descriptions on this Website shall be provided by all relevant advertisers or providers of all such products and services. You shall determine the correctness and credibility of such advertisements on your own. This Website accepts the commissions for publishing of those advertisements but does not shoulder the warranty liability for such advertisements.

7. Where any provision of these Terms or part thereof becomes invalid, the validity of all other provisions hereof shall not be affected.


12. Termination of Membership and this Website’s Notification Obligation 1. This Website has the right to change the contents of any service or to terminate the provision of service to any member.
2. If any member opts to terminate its membership of this Website, he/she may notify this Website via email, phone or cancel his/her membership under the mechanism provided by this Website. In this case, this Website will promptly cancel your membership data.
3. The member shall be obliged to notify this Website of cancellation of his/her membership and shall lose all preferences and rights/interests provided in this Website’s services as from the date of termination of his/her membership of this Website (subject to the date of issue of the Company’s email).
4. In order to prevent the loss of rights and interests entitled to any member arising from malicious acts, if the member notifies this Website to terminate his/her membership, this Website shall confirm this issue via email before cancelling the membership.


13. Applicable Law and Competent Court Interpretation and applicability of and disputes related to these Terms shall be governed by laws of the Republic of China. Taiwan Taipei District Court shall be the court of first instance jurisdiction.

This website respects and protects the personal privacy of its members. In order to assist you to gain an understanding of how this website collects, uses and protects personal data you provide in compliance with Personal Information Protection Act, please carefully read the following content.

I. Application Scope This Privacy Policy applies to the collection, processing, use and protection of personal data related to your use of this website. This Privacy Policy does not apply to any website other than this website, nor does it apply to any personnel other than those authorized by this website or engaged in the management of this website.

II. Type, Purpose and Relevant Processing and Use Methods of Personal Data Collected Once you become a member of this website, this website will, according to relevant procedure, require you to provide all necessary personal data (e.g., your name and email address) so that we could recognize your identity and provide you with online services after you register yourself as our member and access various services. You may opt to provide your personal data to us or not. For specific data fields that are required to be completed, failure to provide such data will render you unable to access relevant services. This website will not use your personal data for any other purpose without your consent.
For general browsing, the server of this website will automatically record relevant actions (including but not limited to IP address of the connected device you are using, the time of use, the browser used, and record of data browsed and selected) as reference for our improvement of website services. Such record is for internal use and will by no means be disclosed to the public.

III. Protection of Personal Data The host of this website is equipped with firewall, anti-virus system and other relevant information security devices and safety net to protect this website. Your personal data is secured bythe strictest protective measures and can only be accessed by professional personnel who possess written authorization from this website and have signed non-disclosure agreements. If any such personnel violate the non-disclosure obligation, strict legal sanction will be meted out.

IV. Personal Data Sharing Policy This website shall not provide, exchange, lease or sell any of your personal data to any other individual, group, private enterprise or public institution unless otherwise required by law or agreement.
The foregoingexclusions include, without limitation, the following:
1.If you grant your consent;
2.If the law explicitly requires so;
3.If it is necessary to do so in order to release you from any threat to your life, body, freedom or property.

4. In case of the website’s cooperation with a public institution or academic research institution,where based on public interest statistics or academic research becomes necessary and that it is impossible to identify the party through the data after it isprocessed by certain method by the provider or collector.
5.If your action on this website violates service provisions or may impair the rights and interests of this website or any other member or result in damage to any third party and this website’s back-office management personnel determine that the disclosure of your personal data is necessary for identifying, contacting or taking legal action;
6.If it is advantageous to your rights and interests;
7.If this website authorizes any outsourcing service provider to assist in collecting, processing or using your personal data, this website will exert itself to supervise and manage such service provider.


V. Use of Cookie

To provide you with our best services, this website will place Cookie of this website in your computer and use it. If you are unwilling to accept Cookie write-in, you may set the level of privacy as high to reject the write-in of Cookie. However, certain functions of this website may not be normally executed as a result of your rejection.

VI. Use period and Area of Personal Data This website’s membership service may use your personal data within the Republic of China only.
Your personal data provided to this website will be permanently kept for the foregoing collection purposes.


VII. Amendment to Privacy Policy

This website’s Privacy Policy will be amended from time to time, in line with the requirement of this website, and any change to this Privacy Policy shall be announced on this website to keep you informed of such change to this Privacy Policy.

VIII. Self-Protection Measures You are expected to keep your membership password or any of your personal data properly, and you should not provide any part of the personal data, especially your membership password, to any person. After you access this website’s system and complete online service, you are expected to log out of your account. If you are sharing a computer with others or using a public computer, you are advised to close the browser window to prevent others from accessing your personal data.